Diwali and Coconut Ladoo

Let’s not forget about last year’s Diwali post and a recipe for Coconut Ladoo!

WhitBit's Kitchen

First of all, I would like to say Happy Diwali! I didn’t host a Diwali party this year, but I still had fun. My friend Manpreet came over, and we made a couple of rangoli. I made a peacock, and Manpreet made a nice symmetrical design. IMG_20131102_171522IMG_20131102_181859Then we got ready to go to a Diwali function at UAB. Getting ready was a disaster. I was going to wear a salwar kameez that I have had for a few years, but as soon as I went to get dressed, I realized I didn’t know where the scarf was. So that outfit was out of the question. So I grabbed all my saris, and ran into another problem. None of my saris had the bloudes made! I have a handful, but I just never got around to having any of them tailored! In June, I was brought a beautiful sari from India…

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