Homemade Vanilla Extract



Today I have something a little different for y’all. Instead of posting a long food recipe, I have a really quick recipe for an ingredient that I bet almost 100% of you have in your kitchen. Vanilla extract! Not imitation, not the fake stuff.  But pure vanilla extract. Well, the recipe might be quick, but it actually takes several months before it is ready to use. 3 months, to be exact. But the good part, is that it is never ending! When you start to get low, just put another bean in and fill it back up!

I bought Madagascar vanilla beans from Amazon last year, and so far I have made vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. So simple! You can do so many things with vanilla beans, it’s not even funny. I highly suggest you invest in a good bean; the recipes will be endless and the flavor will be delicious!  Here’s another close up of the beans. DSC_1862


  • 3 vanilla beans, split lengthwise, almost up to the top
  • 7-8 oz plain rum or vodka
  • a container

To Make:

Put the beans in a container. Pour the alcohol. Close tightly. Store in a cool dark place for 3 months. Then it’s ready to use! Just refill when it gets low! Never ending supply of extract! You’re welcome!





24 responses to “Homemade Vanilla Extract

  1. Nice! Other recipes I’ve read advise scraping out the inside of the beans and putting the the seeds and whatnot into the jar along with the empty beans and alcohol – is there a reason you elected not to scrape?

  2. I’ve seen a few methods for making homemade vanilla extract but I haven’t tried any yet. This looks great Whit, and so much more economical than buying little vials of the stuff from the supermarket! I’d definitely use rum. I can imagine how amazing that would taste! Yummm… x

  3. Being making my vanilla extract for 2 years, as a cheaper solution than buying store made! It costs here, about 135 dollars per liter! It’s great, the alcohol evaporates during the baking and it leaves great flavor, so just buy better quality vanilla pods for better results!

  4. I know with peppers that it is the seeds that contain much of the flavour and the heat. I wonder if similar is true of vanilla? Anyway, my grandma taught me that burying a vanilla bean in jar of white sugar makes a wonderful and very easy topping for sugar cookies, almond crescents and anything else butter based. Keeps pretty much forever.

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