Sev Puri


You can fill the puri up with anything, and top it with anything.

Here’s what to do for a typical sev puri chaat:


puris, which can be bought at any Indian store, or you can make your own

1 potato, peeled, boiled, diced, for filling

red onion, diced, for filling

tomato, diced, for filling

tamarind chutney, for topping

green chutney, for topping

yogurt, beaten, for topping, leave out if vegan

sev, for topping, which can be bought at Indian store

chopped cilantro, for topping

red chili powder, for sprinkling

chaat masala powder, for sprinkling

To Make:

Tap a hole into each puri and stuff it with the filling ingredients. Then top the puris with the topping ingredients. So easy, yet so delicious! Most people pile on the sev, but I like just a subtle amount. Do what you want!




18 responses to “Sev Puri

  1. You said it so perfectly – “Happiness in mouth”!!! These tiny puffed balls has been the most favorite chaat dish for me, since I understood what it is! And yours look so mouth-watering… Looks like I’ve to make it in a day or 2 🙂

  2. Which bit is the Sev? The noodle-type bits on the top? These look delicious! You can tell that I’m a bit ignorant of traditional Indian food, other than stuff I can get at the local Indian restaurant 😦 I think I need to visit there!

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