Crawfish Boil and Date Night


Two nights ago, Kshitij and I went to Whole Foods to take a look at the seafood. We had planned to go out for Mediterranean food afterwards, but while there, we decided to go for a seafood dinner instead. We bought some wine and cookies, then went on out way to the Fish Market Restaurant here in Birmingham.

I hadn’t had seafood in forever, and K’s view of seafood was fish; although he has had crab cakes before. But I wanted to show him that there was so much more to seafood than Rohu and crab cakes. It was an exciting night for me, as this was the first night we had gone out together since he has been back in the states. We’ve pretty much been lounging around the house and cooking at home the entire time. I really enjoyed picking food for him to try. I had him try raw oysters and calamari. For an entree he got crab legs and I got stuffed shrimp. It was an amazing night.

Here he is having oysters for the first time. y9ywmEKeIqwDWg29SRNlIX1yaF0IoeyoM6iZLgScjcA

Here’s the plate of crab legs. I ended up helping him crack the shells and get the meat out for him. 3O9eTEiDZxRZTt95RL4J-vnJj2WvDdejMLeh8K2ou3Y

So last night I was still on a seafood high, so I stopped by one of the seafood markets and picked up 3 pounds of fresh Louisiana crawfish etSLEgD8pXs_XuKj1ShsWbmJv_7dfOfdYEJDHFkV84Iand a half pound of Alabama shrimp. h5MtW3Q7tGoEJVLcsAfp4m_eWhfzjJYqymyGnkrr80oI decided to do a boil, so I picked up some seasonings and a small bag of potatoes, 26WFzijoeYHFe-VEfuFSsbQd53N43_gMKdlWHAxE0cYalong with some corn. I also picked up a package of Alabama Conecuh Hickory Smoked Sausage.

So, needless to say, it was a really nice night. This was his first time having crawfish as well. I am really enjoying introducing him to new things. I think it is safe to say that my seafood kick is over, though. I guess today will be back to cooking at home.

So, if you would like to try your own crawfish boil, or any kind of seafood boil, it is really simple. Here is what you do:


  • A really big pot
  • crawfish, or shrimp, or crab, lobster, etc.
  • Corn
  • Baby potatoes
  • Crab boil
  • lemons, cut into quarters
  • sausage, my favorite is Conecuh Sausage

To Make:

Add a bunch of water to a really big pot. Add the boil seasonings and lemons. Bring the water to a boil. Add the ingredients according to how much time they take to cook. I added the potatoes and sausage. Then after a while I added the crawfish (7 min cooking time) and corn. Then I added the shrimp (4 min cooking time).

Here’s some pictures!

Getting the water ready 5ZssRKqUOKqiuGLEhusGd7OAivuI35GYBdMlx6wFNqw

Adding the goodies!

JxCFoeBi-ol0oKCc7hFZV5aqS8dD1ezMW5DxrHCSuS0 8vDT1cQoxVxmKUsVxGnxt97KqxOtTvKsBS0FgqbAtRg IHS9sByccLw2GDh59jTV2j1esUhKnFw4ltvW0tn20T8 z3DgImFwxgaohO3tcwwL2qx5VnYiTZpFQzfAH4yP6Eo

Final Product!

PLN8a4rdAc9fJrSNViHcLGTy4GcAGzdCM7Y1GqlBpFI fJuasPvQrv2cmuk1LTdmVriXd-OeH_RxoMq9S9N5w_4 efYo7tWGZL5wWvrHqCZPrT6Wbf3EAIC0AIRk8WDlOBo DALnriKzb-AqRR2YX_9Cl82ZxdQvTPvoxBbyfPlqjZw YWHq_yxnYPszN-8aZR6eUVo4q8WB7md-iyE4rHqKkzo

4 responses to “Crawfish Boil and Date Night

  1. Naw! What a sweet date night…. crab claws definitely make for heaps of crackin’ fun (my humour astounds me!). So glad that you’ve been introducing Kshitij to the wonders of fresh seafood. He’s eating oysters like a pro! I love crab and most seafood but I can’t stand oysters/molluscs. Ick. All the more for Aaron 😉
    Great post Whit! I’ve never had a ‘boil’ but I think I need to change that! xx

    • Hehe! Laura you are so funny!
      One of those durn crabs cut my finger! He’s been kissing it back to health, though! =)
      I too, do not like oysters (too gooey) but I wanted him to try them, since almost everyone else loves them! Apparently living in a coastal state, it is a requirement that one must eat oysters else you’re a weird member of society.
      You should definitely do a crab boil! And get one of the spicy boils!!!

  2. Awesome! I’ve always looked on American blogs with envy when y’all mention crawfish, lobster or crab feasts. We don’t really have these feasts here in New Zealand, even though we do have good seafood.

    I love getting messy and hands on with my food. It becomes a real experience rather than just eating for the sake of fuel. Nothing makes me happier than having to carefully excavate my food.

    What did the boy think of his first oysters? I adore oysters, but have lots of friends that dislike them. I wouldn’t recommend raw oysters for first timers. He’s brave!

    • Well, maybe you should start a trend of having seafood feasts!
      Getting messy with food is really fun, I agree! Especially when it is making bread or pasta, or something like that. But getting messy with seafood is a whole other story! I do kind of feel like a hunter gatherer afterwards, haha!
      He liked the oysters, eating them with crackers the best. He liked having them with the cocktail sauce, but without the horseradish. He said he would order them again. I do not like oysters. I just don’t like the thought of putting something gooey and raw down my throat. Ew. He is quite the brave one, right?

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