Awards and Making Homemade Pasta

I know I am late with responding to awards. Sorry! Things have been rather busy around here lately. For those of you who have been separated from your significant other for a long period of time, maybe you will get what I mean. The bf has been in India since April, and won’t be back till June, so I have been doing whatever I can to keep my mind off things. Not to mention he will be moving when he gets back, so I am really really putting in extra effort to keep my mind on anything but what is really happening. You know, the whole “let’s not face reality because I’m a wimp” mentality. I also have a tendency to sulk like a baby. I have been looking for an excuse to get out of the house, so when my friend invited me to attend a pasta making class with her, I jumped at it. The last time I saw her was at her wedding, which was over a year ago. She has since had a baby. This was also her first time out since having the baby. So it was a double good time. We went to The Farmhouse in Trussville, which is owned by Jennifer Cole Conn. It is a small antique looking house, which she has turned into a beautiful business. She promotes healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. They have all kinds of classes. Tomorrow, she has a class on salads. She will be showing people that a salad doesn’t just have to contain lettuce. So that should be exciting for those who attend. You can check out The Farmhouse’s Facebook page here.

Here are some pictures from the pasta making class. We made spinach basil pasta and chocolate pasta.

Using what I learned from class, I have been inspired to create a wonderful pasta dessert, which I will be making and posting soon for y’all.

Also, two lovely fellow bloggers have given me awards. I really appreciate the nominations, so thanks guys! We really have a great community here at WordPress. I have found some fantastic blogs, and I look forward to reading them each day. I have two awards to respond to: Shine On Award, which was nominated by Shaun at Looking for reasoning to a complicated world; and the Bouquet of Three Award, nominated by Poppy at  Poppy’s Patisserie | Bunny Kitchen. Shaun uses the happenings in his personal life to try to inspire others by telling them that no matter how hard life seems to be, just keep on. We also get daily funny videos posted by him, and every now and then he gives us a glimpse of his homeland, Scotland. Poppy is a vegan food blogger. Her blog contains beautiful pictures of the recipes she has created, and sometimes I want to eat the computer screen. The other day the posted some vegan banana muffins that absolutely looked amazing.

bouquet-of-three-award shineon1

So, the rules are as follows (for both awards):

1. Display the award badge on your blog

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award

3. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

4. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

5. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post


7 Interesting Things About Myself:

1. I don’t like wine

2. I don’t like beer

3. I drink both thinking someday I will like them

4. I usually take a few sips then pass it on to someone more appreciative. Or it gets wasted.

5. I have a fear of turning into a crazy dog lady

6. I have a tendency to be very forgetful

7. I love listening to Bollywood songs


Blogs I Nominate:

Laura’s Mess, amazing blogger with delicious recipes and beautiful pictures

Dinner of Herbs, she posts some really great recipes

The Reporter & The Girl Minus The Superman, absolutely hilarious. I think she is writing about my life

Fashion, Food and Flirts, for all things trendy, go to her

Harsh Reality , he tells it like it is, yo

Uni Homemaker, more delicious recipes

Applecore, expats truly living life

Maple & Saffron, want to tour Italy? Contact them!

Cured by Bacon, this needs no explanation

Realistic Cooking Ideas, Bernice is just lovely


PS, Luke and Penny say howdy!!!

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15 responses to “Awards and Making Homemade Pasta

  1. Hi IndianCooking! I loooovvee Indian food! Congratulations on your award nominations, you deserve it for your excellent blog! And Thank you for nominating The Reporter and The Girl

  2. Awww, Whit you are way too kind! Thanks for the nomination and for your kind words! You deserve all the awards you get, so happy to see you honoured with four (an even bigger bouquet)!! Re the wine, beer etc. I need to send you a bottle of South Australian, Barossa Valley Shiraz. THE BEST wine I’ve ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. I do think that anyone who doesn’t like wine or beer just hasn’t tried a good one yet. Though I could be very naive… possibly I just need to accept that everyone has different tastebuds 🙂 Love the photos of your pasta day. Chocolate pasta sounds… uh, interesting? Can’t wait to see your dessert post. So lovely, congrats and thanks! And hang in there with your bf away (I am an equal sook and miss my husband like crazy when he’s away. I reckon it’s a female quality, and not at all bad!!) xxx (P.S I’m buying a Ninja blender this weekend! Found out that Target stocks them over here!)

    • I suck! I don’t know the difference between any of the wines or beers. I have found that I enjoy Riesling…sometimes! And Sangria. But does Sangria really even count as wine???? Chocolate pasta was definitely interesting. They paired it with strawberries and a white chocolate sauce, so it wasn’t bad. But my brain kept getting confused with my mouth. Congrats on your soon to be Ninja! I again can’t say enough good things about it! It was the infomercial that got me hooked in the first place. I watched the whole thing on tv, and after it was over I was like I gots to get me one of those! So it was my birthday present to myself a couple of years ago. Probably the best investment I have made in kitchen appliances!

      • Haha… I reckon that doing a bit of research helps. It depends what kind of flavours you like (fruity, light and crisp vs heavier, bolder spicy flavours with a kick). If you like Riesling and Sangria (and nope, Sangria is a cocktail!) then you’re probably a fan of the sweeter style wines. You may like Rose or Merlot, in regards to reds, and… hm, most of the other whites are drier and crisper so probably stick to Riesling or possibly Chardonnay. And with beers? Try German white beers (weissbier) such as Hefeweizen. It’s sweeter and only mildly hopped. And there concludes my beverage-selection tutorial for the day.
        Re the pasta. I can definitely understand the brain/mouth confusion. That happens to me whether I’m eating pasta or not (mostly when I’m speaking). I’m so curious to see your recipe though. I guess it’s not that different to sweet pizza and the Jewish ‘Kugel’ noodle cake thingo.
        Ninja: I cannot wait to bring that thing home so it can karate-chop my food to smithereens. I will update you!

      • Whaaaat? Sangris is a cocktail! I have been tricked! I thought since it was in a bottle in the wine selection that it was a wine! I think I do remember Hefeweizen being not so bad. Actually, come to think of it, I can’t believe I forgot. I am quite fond of Stella. That’s pretty much the only beer I don’t throw out. I am going to be making a chocolate fruit lasagna! We made homemade spaghetti the other night for a potluck. It was so fun to make! My Ninja system came with a recipe book. If yours does not come with one, let me know and I’ll copy some recipes to give you ideas of things that that sucker can do!

      • Hahahaa yep, commonly Sangria is a cocktail with ginger ale, triple sec and some lemonade with fruit etc. I make it at home. I’ve never seen a bottled version here but YES, you have been deceived!!! I think you deserve a discount!
        Chocolate fruit lasagne sounds fascinating. I can’t wait to see it. And thanks re the Ninja cookbook, will let you know xx

  3. I love your facts! Sorry about the other half being away for so long, just a day at a time, and you will appreciate eachother so much when you are reunited 🙂

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