Meet Penny!

So, I brought Penny home today!!!!!!! I adopted her from the BJC Animal Control. She was spayed yesterday, so she has a tender tummy. Lukey is a little jealous, but I am definitely letting him know that he is not being replaced.


I am not sure how I feel about cars.



Ohhhh, I have my own toys?MQcE6Hd84_hhGexL_oyti2Kiaq2QuIAk4m2fccIgT2c pE8YIIws36UGr9RFf4kyYOBvxREbVILXNJweEeEdw6g

I like brother’s ball better.qxHEPwDVjiN8GJsD-k3H9vpzHjd5nrdGBBzbAesUbQY

Chewing makes me sleepy.sleeping

Oh, Lukey has a bed. I wonder what it feels like. fDkiI8Tulu0gbHLZXW1knUMUEWpSeWXfyt0Tm-8_tcg


Seems like a nice place for a nap. So-qxIGJUjBo0pEWoi95aaDz4-2UM4GZOqWas2EMcEA


Do I hear a kid? Must investigate!F8ozsiPdaDz2gtlwmDGqpjgpztODnhtlqnHpiCLQSlI


Wait, I just got here and you’re already taking me downtown to the Magic City Art Connection?!?!?zyidMY6q0XUKYA9B6hhAFbe_0DrxXkNVroA0540NHU8


Wait, where’s my new mommy?IMG_20130427_202257

Fun day. Pooped out. Adopted. ZrKOesbSsEsvbU4Uj0TIeT-9EsAemGQKLY1OBCeFIMk


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